Bing Bong Microsoft Bing Cash Back Is Dead July 30th

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microsoft_logoWell if you love the rebates and hunting them down one more way to get cash back on your purchases has just come to an end.

Microsoft announced today that they are ending the Bing Cash Back program that started about 2 years ago. If you never made use of the cash back option you still have until July 30th to give it a try.

The way it works is you go to bing search for a product and then use a returned link to go to your favorite retailer to get some extra cash off an item.

The money that came from advertising revenue was suppose to attract not only rebate hunters but online stores to advertise on Bing but Microsoft says they have seen very little adoption of the program.

This is probably true. Having been a rebate hunter that would stand in long lines at CompUSA or other stores to get that free after rebate item or $20 hard drive I think I only made use of Bing once and that is pretty sad considering there are no registration or forms to mail back in and its not 35F 4am in the morning.

So if you were thinking of getting that camera or computer this summer you may want to make your purchase a little earlier then planned to take advantage of Bing before its all over.