Obama Wants To Tax Computers To Provide A 5 Billion Bailout For Newspapers

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moneyAh great you were wondering where the money was going to come from to bail out Newspapers that are losing readers…

Well the FTC Federal Trade Commission is readying a tax on Electronics to raise a 5 Billion plus bailout package for newspapers who really don’t deserve a penny of your tax dollars.

If you are old enough to remember a time when news was distributed to the masses over Televisions and wild ass electronic waves that would allow you to hear peoples voices coming out of  boxes in your home or car then you probably also remember that 12 year old kid that would strong arm you to buy communist propaganda printed on paper sheets.

Today you are likely to access information from those same sources over the interwebs either from your home computer, your phone or iPoo or maybe at work unless you are a FTC Executive who only surfs for porn at work.

Do these businesses really need our tax money?

Weren’t we all crying about saving trees and going to a paperless society / workplace?


and aren’t many of the larger ones now charging for access to anything other then AP headlines.

Well to help keep those English and History Majors in jobs it seems that we need a paper version along with the electronic versions of these shithole commentators. HA i am one to talk…

But seriously are you willing to allow the Feds to add a surcharge tax to your purchases of any item to support a select group of companies who are  not able to think of ways to make money online?

If you are not willing to get your news from Twitter, Blogs and The Onion like the rest of the world then you have no business worrying the rest of us by saying you feel left out.

I say we all stop buying iPoos and Computers… cancel your interweb account and craw into a dark corner and cry until the bad government goes away.

These people at the FTC are nuts… this will cause riots in the streets …