AT&T To iPad Owners Say Goodbye To Unlimited Downloads

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iphoneIf  you were one of the first iPoo owners one of the biggest features the $29.99 a month Unlimited Data Transfer options is about to be no more.

In an announcement by AT&T this week the Unlimited Plan will be replaced with a $25 a month 2 Gig plan that is probably going to leave media hungry users a little bit ticked off.

The new plan goes into effect on June 7th and will be applied to all new customers immediately however if you got in early you can grandfather your unlimited plan until it runs its length or until you need to make other changes to your account.

At that point you will need to purchase a metered plan and expect to pay a lot extra for overages.

In the same announcement IPhone users can now tether their devices for an extra $20 a month but you also need to give up your unlimited transfer plans.

While a 2GB data plan may be suitable for phone users the same will probably not be true for iPad users who will want to watch videos  and make use of rich media content.