More Apple Workers Commit Suicide In China

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iphoneEither Steve Jobs is working out bugs in his new assisted suicide device the iDead or there is something going on in China.

It seems that the 11th worker has now committed suicide at one of Apples Manufacturing support plants located in China. The site is run by a Taiwan company Foxconn and also produces parts for Nokia Phones and Dell Computers.

You can imagine authorities are neither forth coming or extremely interested to investigate the matter.

On a side note … don’t you find it offensive that these big companies are providing jobs in outside countries? If Asian car manufacturers can produce cars and trucks in the USA with nonunion labor and provide communities with decent wages why can’t our tech sector?

Terry Guo, chairman of Foxconn, expressed his sympathy over the recent deaths but denied charges of harsh treatment to his workers.

“I think that you should look closely into both the Chinese and international rates and statistics,” he said.

“According to experts, once a regional GDP per capita reaches $3,000 a year, then these incidents tend to happen.

Yea well thats just great isn’t it…. once they pay you over $3,000 a year they expect you to kill yourself.