Internet CEOs Go To Iraq – WordPress Twitter HowCast Google

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The US State Department just sent a delegation of top Internet developers to Iraq on a 5 day mission to spread use of services to the people there.

Jason Liebman from HowCast, Jack Dorsey of Twitter a VP from WordPress and a handful of people from Google all took a 3 day trip to Iraq to speak with students and a mobile phone company and a bunch of military people.

Why they are meeting with military is beyond us but its one of those deals where you meet everyone.

Jason Liebman says that meeting with the students was probably the most useful / meaningful thing about the trip.

All in all it seemed like a really lame attempt.

Since Iraq is almost all mobile phones many people there already use services like twitter and all of the students that the group talked to knew about Facebook and Youtube.

But one thing you have to wonder.

Usually when wars are over …. at least in the past America and other countries would send in leaders of our businesses to foster business relationships. People from Coke Mc Donalds¬† sure but we useto have reps from GM Ford Maytag go to Korea or Viet Nam.

So do you understand these people are probably the best we have to send now. America doesn’t have industry to send.

It is scary on so many levels.

If social networking is the best America has doesn’t seem that the wars were lost and we are now hanging on by a string????

For the love of CRAP Chrysler is being bought by Fiat…. WHO THE HELL DRIVES A FIAT?¬† They are cute little cars but gees its almost like saying the former owners of Yugo bought it.

Anyway if you want to see how a Trip to Iraq can brainwash you check this video and notice the Ritalin smile on Jason Liebman’s face as he talks about going.