Quest Communications Using Twitter For Customer Service WHAT?

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Kinda strange concept that Quest would turn to a 140 char service to get input from their customers but what is this really about? More likely its just a marketing decision I mean you really have to hope that is the reason behind it.

A number of Companies have a presence on Twitter and the service is great for announcements or updates but actually having conversations about your account with a business needs to happen either on the phone or by mail and they know this.

Turning to twitter may just get them a number of 4 letter words shot to their customer support staff rather then really making a difference in a single account problem or getting feedback from all of their customers.

Computer companies charging if you want to talk with a real person, Banks charging you or limiting access to the tellers…. a 140 char box to explain your billing problem…

Seems like natural progression doesn’t it

Go got to hope not heh.

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