Time Warner Cable to Cap Internet Bandwith And Raise Plans UPTO $150 a FRICKEN Month!

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If you like to watch a lot of movies, share files and videos you make online with your friends or if you are a content developer that bases their product on rich multimedia then its time to rethink your plan.

Time Warner has been threatening to place caps on users throughput over their network for about 2 years now but it seems the time has finally come for implementation.

In the next few months customers in a select number of locations will have a three tier plan choice with the first starting at 1 Gigabyte a month transfer at somewhere around $25 and the most costly unlimited plan which will cost $150 a MONTH.

Yes thats right $150 a MONTH and there will be a cap on that possibly set as low as 40 gigabytes.

Now that is fine for some users but if you enjoy watching missed episodes of your favorite TV shows online at Hulu or watching the latest LOL Cats video on YouTube you are going to get hammered with overage fees the first week even with an unlimited $150 a month plan.

This should be a very interesting Test Trial for Time Warner and what they are testing is their ability to both cut back services and raise prices at the same time.

Its like getting a kindergarden sized half pint of milk that is supose to last you and your family a whole month but still paying for the full gallon.