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twitter_logoThere are a number of different Twitter Tools to connect you, your blog and website to twitter.  So what are the advantages and how can you make use of these products to supplement your communication with friends, partners and potential customers or visitor to your site.

First you should have an understanding of how to make the best use of Twitter.

You should split your personal and business / professional hobby  tweets.

Get more then one account and although you might post a human form of a post to your professional account you don’t want to go off on rants about the price of pancake mix at the local grocery and how it is basically flour with a little baking soda in it.

Once you understand that then you know you should also limit the monitoring of these accounts on your PDA or other devices.  Don’t monitor accounts that are not necessary and limit traffic to your pda to D direct communications.

Every PDA out there whether its an IPhone, Blackberry or a standard phone that can sms can connect to Twitter.  You really need to find an ap that is best for your device but for blackberry users you might want to use TwitterBerry http://orangatame.com/products/twitterberry/

For mobile devices you can use the
Twitter Mobile Interface http://m.twitter.com

For IPhone
Twittelator http://www.stone.com/Twittelator/

Code Monkeys
TwitterIrcGateway http://www.misuzilla.org/dist/net/twitterircgateway/

Desktop Clients
Twhirl http://www.twhirl.org/
TweetDeck http://www.tweetdeck.com

Twadget http://arsecandle.org/twadget/

Foreign Language
Twit http://cheebow.info/chemt/archives/2007/04/twitterwindowst.html

Browser Plugin
TwitterFox http://twitterfox.net/

Twitterrific http://iconfactory.com/software/twitterrific

Nambu http://www.nambu.com/

Twitter Feed http://twitterfeed.com/
TwitterTools for WordPress

And NPSites is soon to release our own Twitter Plugin for WordPress.

Linking your BLOG to Twitter

Is this useful to do?

well yes and no and the NO is a big no….

We have seen a number of products that will post to Twitter and this is not a bad idea because you can send a post title and a short url to your Twitter account that others can read if they think its interesting.

Placing twitter content on your site is a totally different thing.

It just really makes little sense to send all your twitter posts to your blog or website and remember separation of content and accounts … YOU NEVER want to put personal tweets or link your professional blog to a personal twitter account. NEVER.

We have seen a few sites that have allowed their directs and @’s to be shown in their sidebars and updated every 10 minutes.. its just kaos and uncontrolable. Even with the use of spam filters it is just not worth the effort to maintain that 24/7

Also there are some plugins that convert your twitter posts to posts on your site… so now for each 140 character twitter blurb you have a new post on your blog.  This just makes no sense at all and if you care about your visitors to your site or your position in search engines don’t do it.

So posting Blog / Website Titles and links to Twitter is good.

Grabbing them back from twitter to include on your site….  give it a shot if you want but don’t say you weren’t warned.

Take advantage of your time on Twitter

So, take advantage of your conversations on Twitter it is time you spend and if you can use it to your advantage some way … even if its just to share ideas and keep intouch then do it.