PHP4 Has Seen Its Final Days Official Support – Long Live PHP5

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phpWell after giving its all for programmers around the world PHP version 4 has finally seen its last days of Official Support.

What does this mean for you? Well applications that depend on PHP4 should be upgraded in any method necssary to be fully compatable with php5 . Eventually we will see web hosting companies only offering PHP 5 for development an that will mean lots of sites will need updates.

For the general users of the internet there won’t be any real losses. And there sholdn’t be any downtime.

So if you have been putting off upgrading because of that Third Party package you use with PHP 4  now is the time you will have to logout of WOW or cancel that 2hr lunch you always take and get some work done.

By the way  was recently updated for windows Go Get It if you run a development server.

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