WordPress Increase The Number Of Available Custom Fields In Editor

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wordpress-logoIf your website uses a large number of custom fields to store data or if the plugins you use store data in these fields you may find that adding custom field data is difficult once you reach about 30 items.

When you first enter a custom field you add new in the box below your post or page edit window.

After the first instance of that field such as “Price” has been used it will become available in all your posts by way of the dropdown box selector.

If you exceed the number of fields that WordPress will display in this dropdown then you won’t easily be able to set your Price field or any other field that is not displayed.

To Extend the number of custom fields displayed you need to add a Filter to your functions.php in your theme directory.

The Filter intercepts core code in WordPress and Overrides it to allow 120 custom fields to be displayed in the dropdown box.


function increase_postmeta_form_limit() {
return 120;
add_filter(‘postmeta_form_limit’, ‘increase_postmeta_form_limit’);

I would like to thank misterixas111 for taking the time to research this fix.