Google To Buy Twitter? Thats The Buzz But Probably Not

twitter_logoIt seems that a lot of people are talking about Google wanting to buy Twitter but is it really going to happen?

Probably not or at least both Google and Twitter are denying it at this time.

TechCrunch announced the news earlier this week but Twitter has simply said that they are continuously in talks with other companies about ventures and there is no specific plans to sell at this point.

So what do you think?

Would the power behind Google help reduce the connection problems, could they dump a bunch of money into the backend?

If they did they would certainly want to monetize the site.

Ads on pages are one thing but when many users text in their Tweets from mobile devices and other aps is there really any space for advertising in a 140 char txt?

Anyway you look at it Twitter will eventually have to tackle that hurdle of how they plan to monetize their offerings. Something that grew out of a low budget project that now touches so many people does require investments to keep it going.

So will Google purchase Twitter? Maybe but more likely they are trying to find ways to make the site profitable for the long run.