HowTo – WordPress Updating Twitter With Your Posts

wordpress-logoIf you don’t use twitter your life is probably a little happier HA! but if you do and you want to automate the process of listing your new WordPress Posts on your Twitter account you can try one of the many plugins available.

The choices are many but you should understand what you need to do to get it working.

First you will need a twitter account.

Second read the install information for your plugin to see if you need to signup for a service that shortens your urls.

It is important to shorten your URLS before you post to Twitter because you never know exactly how long your title will be and adding a Permalink URL to the end of your title may shoot you past the 140 char limit. Even with that you should check your twitter account now and then and test the urls to your posts.

The bad thing about shortening your URLs is that you won’t get linkbacks to your site that use your own url. This can offset any gains you get from search engines and when people copy out these links to use in their own posts.  You may get more visitors but you may not get a better google rank in the end.

With that in mind some of the plugins you can try include:

Twitter Tools