Silicon Graphics Sells Company For $25 Million

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Depending how long you have been around in the business you may remember SGI as one of the front runners in the Computer Graphics industry.

Today many of the graphics and 3d products that are available for a few hundred or a few thousand dollars on a desktop computer you can buy at your local dealer were once only dreamed of and many of those dreamers were developers that worked for SGI.

In the past decade SGI has pretty much fallen to the wayside as cheaper more available solutions came to market. Today they provide a number of cluster services and this is what rackable has paid $25 Million dollars for.

The price is almost a slap in the face considering the value the company once had but in the last year SGI has had losses of about 500 million dollars and in order to disolve the company someone has to buy the property rights.

This seems to be a trend Sun is better known for its Java then computers and servers and Apple they are betting the bank on the IPhone. IBM was bought out by a Chinese company last year and even Bill Gates is out of the picture now.

Henry Ford once said that development of new ideas for his cars came from the assembly lines. Well American companies that were once leaders of technology have sent their production lines overseas and we can expect a future where new technologies will come completely from those workers.