HowTo – WordPress API Key Where Do You Get One?

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wordpress-logoThere are a few plugins in WordPress that require a WordPress API key for activation.

One of the Primary Plugins that you are sure to run into as soon as you begin setting up your Blog is the Akismet Spam Filter plugin

But what is an API Key and where do you get one.

Well getting one is pretty easy and thank goodness you don’t have to wait for approval or anything. All you need to do is signup for a blog account.

Once you are signed up you can get your personal key from within your account.

One thing you should know is that as developers or installers you do not want to share your API Key with anyone.

The Key is linked to the WordPress account you created.

Not only that but if you use it for Akismet you will be sharing that service with who ever you share the key with. Akismet is a free service at the basic level but there are restrictions on the number of hits it will take per account. If you pass that limit on a Commercial website then you will need to register for a Paid Akismet Key.

Once you have installed your key in your wordpress setup any plugin that requires it will be able to access it.