Skype is Pulling Windows & Java Phone Versions – BACKUP NOW!

Filed under: Industry News an announcement on the Skype website it seems that a lot of people that use skype are going to be out of luck.

Skype says they are pulling windows lite versions, java versions, Windows Mobile and this includes Android Phones too.

If you have a copy of the ap you can continue using it for now .. that means you better backup a copy.. but it seems support for these phones is going away and an upgrade will not be available.

The reason was skype says people were not having a great experience… WHAT?

Maybe the real reason is that Cellphone carriers are getting ticked off at these aps that allow customers to make long distance or out of network calls for basically nothing.. they are losing money.

This is the same move that caused Comcast to Buy NBC so they could get hold of a business that was sending free tv and movies over the internet … cutting out the $1 – $5 costs that Comcast customers paid for OnDemand services… can you imagine paying $1 for every YouTube video you watched???

Anyway Make your backups onto a disk because you are going to need them until another solution comes along…. maybe