Is Microsoft Using European Regulators Against Google? Seems So

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google_logo_smIn information that was released this week The European Commission said it has launched an antitrust investigation into search giant Google Inc.

“The Commission can confirm that it has received three complaints against Google which it is examining,” the European Union’s top antitrust authority said in a statement.

What is most interesting about this case is that Microsoft is connected to 2 of the 3 complainants in the case. A German search site called Ciao that was recently acquired by Microsoft, U.K. price comparison site Foundem which is partners with microsoft and a French Legal website.

The investigation is looking into how Google returns search results and the three are saying that Google is blacklisting them.

Well does this matter? Even if it was true google is under no obligation to provide search rank levels to any company or site.

This complaint really makes no sense because no one is saying that the Pay Google for a top search result which is not being returned… they are saying that google is just not listing them at the top..

Maybe I should ask the EU to look into why My sites are not at the top of Google’s search results..

WTF heh

Microsoft is just trying to make use of some of the Judges in Europe they paid off it seems…