New Utah Law Will Allow Warrantless Internet & Phone Use Wiretaps

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Well you always hear people talking about that slippery slope where the rights of criminals have to be defended that way we all don’t endup screwed in the end..

In Utah a new law is being considered that will allow an administrative not Court ordered wiretap to be used to collect information about Cellphone and Internet use without limitation.

The original law was set in place to allow investigators to gather information about online predators of children without the need for a Judge to approve the wiretap because of the time it would take and the information that would be lost.

Maybe that is understandable and maybe if it was applied to something like terrorism that could also be justified but only if it was in the case of a limited period of time … meaning hours.. until a judge could be contacted and make formal approval…

Unfortunately because we have given up our rights in extreme cases it seems this has caused a precedence that they want to apply to any case..

You get stopped for a traffic violation a police woman may ask to go through your phone… if you are stopped on the street for no reason they could do the same maybe… and there you go …

It really seems we are slipping deeper and deeper into the old communist mentality of the Soviet Union…

The State controls your Job.. your Pay… your Health Care.. what you can Learn.. which businesses get special Bailouts and preferential treatment..

They can take your home and not build a hospital or highway on it but sell it to walgreens or make a parking lot … take your business like they did in Nashville .. the Musician’s Hall of Fame and then tell you they are only going to pay you 50% of its value even in today’s market because it would be a burden on the tax payers … then give your Business to Private companies to build a Civic Center area not owned by the City..

It is getting pretty drastic out there people…

And the fact is we have been warned about these things for years.

Read the Utah Bill

then contact its sponsor by Rep. Brad Daw, R-Orem of Utah.