Apple To Sell $350K or 2500 Ipods From Obama Stimulus Money? Really?

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It seems the Polk County School District that serves 90,000 students and is one of the largest in the State and Country almost got away with buying and giving away 2,500 Apple IPods to parents of children with disabilities if they went online and submitted a 20 question form describing the teaching abilities of some of the Polk County Teachers….

Can you imagine?

First off any parent that would answer such a questionnaire would definitely skew their answers .. not only just to get a free Ipod but also because once the form was submitted with their name, address and phone their child would then be on the list of trouble makers if the parents had reported bad teaching methods…

GET IT STRAIGHT ANY SCHOOL THAT WASTES $350k on IPODS is a SUCK SCHOOL and the administrators and teachers are not worthy of their jobs.

I mean REALLY HERE… can you imagine?

Well it is true..

With that $350,000 they could have hired teachers or they could have improved the program for the children but they decided that 20 questions on a form was worth giving an IPod Away…

School Officials Said “The funds would have purchased about 2,500 iPods, which they intended to pack with educational information for parents who participated in the survey. The district was also planning training sessions to teach parents to use the devices.”

Ok so the parents are already online so why do they need IPods to view these materials which could have been placed online for free???

And Training? Who wants to bet the teacher performing that training session got paid overtime or some other compensation above their usual salary…

School Budgets are the biggest scam in our Government.

The money never reaches the children and the Administrators of the school systems get paid 10… 20.. sometimes 30 TIMES (not percent) more then anyone in their community.

I heard a report that the base salary for a school superintendent is now over $250,000… WHY? They don’t do anything… They are often politically appointed through rigged elections in some cases even … but how can we justify paying someone $500k to be a superintendent or school principals half that.

And most large urban school districts have extremely high drop out rates… Los Angeles School District has a 40% dropout rate on average with Latinos as high as 80% in some of their schools..

So did Apple really need $350k? Hell no .. and what about all the computers that were bought… they should not be paid for with Stimulus money meant for helping people find jobs…

If you track all the money that was wasted from the Obama $800 Billion Dollar Stimulus Scam you will find dozens if not hundreds of programs that spent money on things that did not create a single job…

They all need to be fired… from the superintendent right down to the slacker teachers that don’t know enough to put materials online and save the tax payer half a million dollars….

It is sickening…

Think of it there are 28,000 School Administrators in the USA and they all make at least twice what you make..