Oosah Screwed Ya – Free Storage Site Goes Offline

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Oosah was offering users upto 1TB of free storage but now it seems that they have been bought.

Supposedly once the deal goes through they will resume services but what does this say about a company that has been collecting huge amounts of data from its users.

Can anyone even begin to imagine the crap that is uploaded to these huge free file hosting sites and how much gold is in those data mines?

It really makes you wonder.

Everyone remembers when Google started offering 1GB of email and smart developers designed a way to host files on their system.  But there are many sites around the web where tons of personal data is being stored even when hosts say it is against their terms of service to upload data of that type.

People don’t seem to care it seems.

They think that the web is so large that no one will ever find their info.

But think about this Google MSN AOL Yahoo and other large search engines index huge portions of the internet and update that information continuously.

On top of the big visible engines there are thousands of specialty search bots that hammer the web looking for specific information and links to data that they can exploit for the sole reason of making money.

It maybe nice to have remote storage to backup files especially if you are on the road but you really need to be in control of your storage site or you have just opened your life or business to the world.

Hopefully Oosah will resume services but

Be Careful out there.