ColorBlender To Find The Right Colors For Your WebSite

Filed under: Web Design

ColorBlender is a free service that provides help for the color matching impaired.

How often have you got stuck trying to find a complementary color to use in your layouts. Well no more if you use ColorBlender.

The service is simple to use just slide the color adjusters to find the right primary color then ColorBlender will provide you with 5 complementary colors that will match your layout.

This is great for layouts or just desiging your banner ads.

Once you are close to your selections you can switch from AutoMatch to Direct Select and edit each of the preview swatches independently.

A variations tool is also available next to the slider bar to help in your color selection.

HTML Hex and RGB colors are provided and you can download your pallets in Photoshop or Illustrator formats. (we did have a problem with the downloads in FireFox3.07)