Will You Pay Hulu $5 A Month For Membership? You Will Next Year

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hulu-logoHulu is going ahead with it’s plans to provide a paid service.

The announcement of the proposal came last summer and it seems that an outcry from visitors of the site was not loud enough to stop the onset of the new payment scheme.

Although Hulu is a venture of a few different sources including News Corp which owns FOX it was not only Rupart Murdock’s decision to go pay.

Comcast the worlds largest cable tv provider has long made it clear that they are against any site that provides free content to their internet subscribers when they can not reap a portion of the profits.

When Hulu announced that they would begin the move to globalization of the service and begin serving content to European viewers this year Comcast looked very closely at how they could buy into the content provider.

Since Comcast’s own website providing online streaming TV and Movies has never got off the ground they decided to follow the business model that made them what they are today.

Comcast was well known for purchasing their way into markets, with acquisitions of small medium and even large providers such as @home and Suburban Cable.

When General Electric started to put out fealers to anyone interested in purchasing their Television and Movie business Comcast found their way into Hulu.

Now it may seem that the assets of NBC, NBC Universal and other holdings would be what Comcast wanted but when the deals were stuck both GE and Comcast placed a ZERO value on those assets.

Yes lets be honest just like newspapers are struggling so is television.

Hulu will provide premium content not only to Comcast’s subscribers or the USA but to the World. This means that the future of this method of distribution is worth buying the Jay Lenno show if they can get to Hulu.

The fact is Comcast tried with their own online service and failed…

Now they will control not only content on Hulu but a portion of Hulu.

It is a good move for Comcast at this point but if membership reduces visits then Hulu will fade faster then it arose.

I won’t pay for it…  but then again I was  never the type that would.