ColorMixers.Com Color Picker Pallet

When laying out your site you can sometimes get lost when it comes to choosing colors that match.

ColorMixers provides an easy way to generate a relative pallet of colors based on a single base color.

The process is pretty simple either enter the RGB values or use the slider to set the base color and then 9 relative colors will be generated. The process is not always perfect or useful but it does give you a quick idea of how other colors relate to a base color.

When you complete your color selection you can save the url to the pallet you generated or you can export the values to Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. You can also select export to text and a page of values will be provided for all of the color swatches you generated.

Colors will be saved showing RGB, HTML Hex Values and CMYK. CMYK is a printer value and probably not useful unless you are using the colors for desktop publishing and professional printing.

The colormixers website is difficult to navigate and since the main feature is the color tool they need to provide a direct link to it in their menu. Not doing so is really pretty lame so don’t get lost on the site.

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