Amazon To Up Digital Royalties for Electronic Media Publishers To 70%

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amazon_logoRight now if you publish a book on amazon you have a few options.

You can take the 10% or less and publish to print or digital but often you don’t see any profits if you are an independent writer.

For instance you write a great book and sell it for $10 and get $1 as a royalty whenever someone buys it… actually its more like 40 cents.

If you sell 100 copies of your book you made a whopping $40 wow.

If you sell 10,000 copies of your book you just made $4,000 not bad maybe about a months income after you also pay taxes on it.

But the fact is most small writers that are unknown don’t sell a million or a hundred thousand copies of their book. They may sell a dozen a month if they are lucky.

Amazon has realized that there is some decent potential to increase their own profits if they share the bulk of the sales price with their writers…

After all if you were a big time writer you would make the bulk of the profits… and if not then why even publish.

So the deal they are thinking about releasing is … if the sale is digital and this means little or no overhead … amazon will be willing to live with 30% of the profits from the sale price.

This means if you now sell 100 copies of that $10 book you will have $700 coming your way at the end of the month… which is not a bad deal if you can write a few books that can get that many sales in a month or even a quarter.

Not a bad deal for everyone.