Kaltura Video Hosting And Blog Tools

Kaltura is a video hosting solution provider that is trying to contend with industry giants like Brightcove and YouTube by providing some additional tools for blog and website developers.

The product is standard video hosting but on top of that they offer a number of plugins for a variety of different CMS / Blog packages. With their tools you can place videos on your site which isn’t an amazing feature but you can also interact with your visitors by allowing them to post video responses.

Hosting is provided by Kaltura so there is no need for you to worry about going over your web servers quota.

From Their site “Easily install and enjoy Kaltura’s FREE full featured video packages for WordPress, MediaWiki, Drupal, PHP, Ruby on Rails and ANY site! Typically suitable for small to mid-sized websites, our self-serve packages are community supported. Hosting and bandwidth costs up to 10GB are on us.”

So you get up to 10GB maybe before they start contacting you about buying space for your videos. Depending on the format and length of your videos this could be a decent amount or maybe just a days supply.

For more information free blog tools and a free account visit