HowTo – Post Content Is It Quality Or Quantity For Best Conversion

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alinkMany people have this debate about what is more important to generate traffic and thus conversion to banner clicks or views… or sales of products and other conversion needs.

If you are a professional blogger you know that there is a difference between Quality content and Quantity content.

Depending on who you talk to you will hear stories that both types of content are appropriate for conversion of traffic to cash in your pocket and this is very true….

But when is one more appropriate?

First we have to distinguish what is quality content… hehe some people will say quality content is information about astrophysics but in reality quality content is something that is informative and interesting enough to have the reader start at the top and endup at the bottom of the page….

We have ads all over our site and if visitors read something that is not on target or they know is just garbage they will hit google and you have lost your conversion.

So in fact you can write about any topic … how to make pizza or Britney Spears .. and if it is interesting then it is quality content.

On the other side we have filler or quantity content that is written very poorly and is often very general and uninteresting… we have all seen this on the big howto websites… its basically GARBAGE…

You visit one of these sites and they have a HowTo to swap out the engine in your car and it is 5 bullet points on a page…

1) turn engine off
2) remove engine
3)throw old engine away
4) install new engine
5) Start new engine…

Its like WHAT? did i just read that ? was that written by a 5th grader? .. no wait i have seen 5th graders on TV they are smarter then that… and it doesn’t matter which topic or pages you visit .. they are all the same.. howto on brain surgery or baking a cake.

ITS JUST CRAP but it is somewhat relative content with keywords and there is a lot…. A LOT of it..

Well here is the clue

Garbage often means conversion… If you have a million pages of quantity content and every page gets one unique visitor a month … you are going to be really happy.

On the other hand lets say you are a big hollywood news site and you write about Britney but you don’t write garbage stories like Britney was seen eating a sandwich… or your thoughts about a song she sung 5 years ago… you write up to the minute information about very interesting things….

Well if you are one of those sites you can get away with making 50 posts a day because each post will bring 100k unique visitors.

So which is best to choose?

Like I said there are sites making millions of dollars a month with garbage content because they have lots of it…

It is not necessarily about being proud of your content when its your main motive to get paid..

No matter which model you choose the more content you have means more visitors and more conversions.

If you are a small site with a single writer then you probably want to stick to the best quality you can afford to get away with.

Larger sites like ezines or ehow or aol generate somewhere in the area of  3,000 to 9,000 pages of content every day… every day!

This is very difficult to compete with.

Other sites like HondaTech have thousands of members that write a few posts to their site every day.

And some sites aggregate content through the use of scripts.

Final Note

If you only have a few thousand visitors every month then stick to Quality content because you want them to return and tell their friends..

But you should realize that you will need to make dramatic changes if you want to build up your site either with quality content or quantity content to reach your goal of making an acceptable amount of money.