HowTo – Ping Servers For Your Blog Announcements

alinkWhen you write a new page in your blog you want the world to know about it right away.

If you have subscribers to your RSS Feed they will see updates in their Readers and if you use a plugin that posts to Twitter or another social network all of your followers will see your announcement but there is also a service called a ping server.

Today I was reviewing my list of ping servers that I announce new postings to and I found many of them are either offline, bought by another company and partly functional or just not worth the ping.

I saw Technorati is no longer accepting pings and feedburner is part of google but who knows where those pings endup….

In the end it seemed pretty practical to ping 2 servers PingOMatic and Google.

And Announcing to Twitter is also pretty good …

All in all maybe 100 readers will hit my post before it could ever end up in a google search and this keeps me connected with my readers.

So if you are a blogger it may be time for you to review your announcement strategy…

If you have any helpful info you would like to share please add a comment.