Google Latitude Wants To Lojack Your Ass

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First it was the Disney sponsored SAVE THE CHILDREN phone now Google introduces Latitude a service that can be used to track the location of cell phone users and map them at all times…

The fact is if it wasn’t Google it would have been someone else but you know this technology has already been explored by Phone Companies since it was first possible to 911 triangulate the location of people making emergency calls.

Where will this end?

Is it possible to setup someones phone without their knowledge?

How could this be used by criminals.

Could someone enable a phone then tape it under your bumper and track your location? Dam right they could.

Information on how the setup works is pretty much unavailable on their site. No info about how to set your phone up or how to make sure the service is not enabled.

It seems that to setup the service you enter your phone number on google’s website then a text message is sent to the phone and when you reply the phone is now on their tracking list.

In otherwords if you can gain access to someones phone for a few minutes you can set them up to be tracked without their knowledge if you erase the message that was sent.

This seems extremely dangerous.

Anyway if you are stupid enough to use it or want to find out more about it.