Miami Herald Beggin Online Readers For Donations

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cashYou know things don’t look so good when a large scale news website has to beg its readers for donations to keep it going.

Well this is what the Miami Herald has resorted to….

With about 5 million viewers of its website publication its paper based distribution has fallen 25% causing serious revenue problems.

But isn’t this the problem for all print based publications?

This migration from print to online publications has been the norm for the past decade. Once publications provided free access in a format that was easily read at home or the office the need to purchase a paper dropped sharply.

Other then coupons or a place for the dog to take a poo news papers in paper format have lost their value.

If I can read the AP online instead of waiting to see if my local paper picks it up tomorrow then i have no reason to pay for stuff I don’t want…

And for most people the stuff they don’t want is commentary by a socially networked group of fools pretending to be news reporters but actually acting more like government propagandists.


Beg for your soup money you communist bastards HAHAHAHAHAHAHA…