HowTo – Setting Up Your Site To Allow Downloads To Your PCS Vision Phone

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A friend of mine had a Samsung phone that he wanted to use to grab content from his website.

The setup is pretty easy with only a couple edits of your .htaccess file to include mimetypes once done you setup your phone to access a directory on your server set aside for the content you want to download like images or midi files.

First make a directory on your website named phone or something else creative.

Open a text editor and make a .htaccess file for uploading to that directory.
You may need to name it htaccess.txt and rename it once it is uploaded.

in this file place

AddType text/x-pcs-gcd gcd

Since the phone can not directly access files you will need to make a .gcd file for each item in the directory that you want to access and place themĀ  in the /phone/ directory.

a .gcd file has a format like this

Content-Type: image/jpeg
Content-Name: flower
Content-Version: 1.0
Content-Vendor: ARB
Content-URL: http://yourWebSite/phone/flower.jpg
Content-Size: 12000

Name the file flower.gcd

Do the same for each file you want access to but change the Content-Type and other information to match the file you want to download.

Available types include
MID: audio/midi
JPG: image/jpeg
TXT: text/plain
QCP: audio/vnd.qcelp
JAD: text/
JAR: application/java-archive
PNG: image/png
PMD: application/x-pmd
WBMP: image/vnd.wap.wbmp

Note do not use underscores _ in your file names or you will endup with errors.

Now you need to set your phone up to access the directory on your server.