Hollywood Gossip Sites FAILING Sales & Pay Content Hit THR Variety

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When a site starts the costs are very low. You can get hosted in minutes and put up a Blog application and begin telling the world your story or the story of others….

Well many gossip sites started that way but others have been attached to huge publications for decades.

TMZ is one of the sites that started a revolution in Gossip by generating unique content at a relatively low price and turning it around on the internet justĀ  minutes after it happens.

TMZ, THR, Variety, Billboard, People and other publications are and have been from their start professional ventures with staffs that require payment.

Variety is finding that they will need to move to private areas and paid content while THR and a group of publications owned by Nielsen Business Media have been sold and their future is up in the air.

So things are getting interesting in the business of Gossip… this may open a door for smaller online publications or it may point to an industry wide problem that has been felt in paper based publications for the last year.