HowTo – PHPXref To Help Document Your PHP Project

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PHPXref is a Perl application that helps you document a large php project.

By Large that means scripts that require more then a couple pages and files of code.

Because it is so simple to use you could probably download it and get it working before you can read the rest of this article but lets cover what you need.

You need Perl and this can be on Windows Linux or whatever

and you need a web browser that has JavaScript enabled.

The resulting pages generated are in plain HTML so you don’t have to worry about transfering the info to a friend or taking it with you on the road.

What does it do?

PHPXref will read your project files and then make comments that are presented along with the original code. Pretty much this is a way to introduce new people to the code and reference any additions.

To find more info visit the project site at