AT&T To Start Charging For Iphone Data Transfer

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Well it looks like a good thing has gone bad and iPhone Users are overloading networks.

According to A&TT Reps at a NYC Conference this weekend 40% of their network’s data transfer is coming from iPhone users specifically 3% that transfer video and music.

They believe they can educate their customers about the amount of date that they are using by implementing usage fees that will reduce this burden on their network.

When is it going to get to the point where you can pay $20 a month for unlimited phone service just like you do for your home’s landline and then have an unlimited data for twice that price… it is pretty insane the way companies overcharge for services while most people are moving to cellphones as their primary phone service. Not even to mention the fact you can’t find a public telephone today on a street corner so what other choice do you have but to bring your own in case of emergency.

A&TT Reps say that only 3% of their customers cause this traffic problem.. but you know we are all going to pay for it.