Flash Probe – Free Online Flash Decompiler

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Flash Probe Flash Decompiler is one of those products you hope you never need but if you do it might help you get out of a tight spot.

Have you ever designed a flash button or image animation that you need to redo and then you find out that you misplaced the original files?

Well usually this means that you end up eating your own time and starting over from the beginning. In some cases its not the end of the world but it can be seriously annoying.

Well this is where you would want to make use of a decompiler program or in this case an online service.Flash probe is meant to provide web developers and design enthusiasts a means of quickly creating HTML pages out of Flash-based websites. The free tool will decompile your SWF and show you the images, text and links that are contained in it. Apart from usage statistics, Flash Probe does not collect, resell or permanently host third party content on its server. After submission of a file, the text and images are available for around 30 minutes after which time all content is deleted.

For the most part you can’t expect to get everything that was part of the project but you should be able to grab enough parts to get started again.

Simply upload or enter the url of the flash object that you want to decompile and let the service do the work.

In a short time you will be presented with what they could retrieve from the file.

Again you are not going to endup with the total source that you can just modify and recompile but it is a starting point.

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